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Easy Insurance and Payment Facilities

At James B Phillips Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we are always concerned about your health care bills. Along with providing you with professional medical services, we also try to make sure that the dollars you spend are utilized to the optimum.

Kindly provide us with the correct details of your insurance provider (policy and group numbers, social security number, address, PCN referrals, phone number and so on) and we'll bill your insurance company directly.

We have established a reasonable rate for each of our services. You can use Visa, Discover, American Express, CareCredit or MasterCard for your payment. If you have any questions, contact our Financial Coordinator at 870-931-3000.
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Our Fees

We feel you should take a look at the charges before scheduling your appointment so that you get an estimate of the probable bill amount. Here is a fee schedule for the most common of our procedures:
  • D0140 New patient office visit - $90.00
  • D0330 Panorex - $95.00
  • D7140 Simple extraction - $155.00
  • D7210 Surgical extraction - $245.00
  • D7230 Partially bony extraction - $390.00
  • D7240 Completely bony extraction - $450.00
  • D7241 Completely bony with unusual surgical complications - $525.00
  • D0160 Endosteal implant - $1,825.00
  • D9223 General anesthesia - $215 for each 15 minutes
Get in touch with us if your required service isn't listed above.
James B Phillips Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery is an in-network partner of Delta Dental and Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Arkansas

We also accept Medicaid
All major insurance plans are accepted.
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