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Learn About Our Appointment Procedures

The medical professionals at James B Phillips Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery boast of a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center that's fully accredited through the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

As a matter of fact, we're the only accredited oral and maxillofacial surgery center in the entire Northeast Arkansas region. Kindly confirm your appointment 48 hours in advance of your appointment time. 

Call us at 870-931-3000 or 1-800-511-6061.
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Pointers for Your First Appointment

For your first appointment:
  • Arrive 15 minutes early and fill out a medical questionnaire
  • Get your necessary x-rays done
  • Bring a list of medications you are presently taking
  • Let us know if you are allergic to any particular drug
  • Inform us if you suffer from any congenital heart disease, heart murmur, rheumatic fever or if you have an implanted artificial valve or joint as that may require you to take some antibiotics before your appointment
  • Contact our office for specific information
If you fail to confirm your appointment in advance, it will be considered as cancelled and your appointment time will be allotted to another patient. If needed, you can always reschedule your appointment.
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Important Preoperative Instructions

Our experienced medical team is always looking forward to provide you with a pleasing experience at our ambulatory surgery center. However, a little help from your side is required. On the day of your surgery:
  • Don't arrive late as it may result in cancellation or postponement of your surgery
  • Nothing to eat or drink (except as directed by staff) 6 hours prior to your scheduled surgery
  • Let us know if you happen to suffer from cold, sore throat, productive cough, fever or any other illness prior to the surgery
  • Don't smoke, drink alcohol or take recreational drugs during the last 24 hours
  • Don't take medications that "calm your nerves" (Valium, Xanax and so on) before the surgery without our approval
  • Inform us if you're taking any weight control or athletic supplements because some of these over-the-counter products interfere with or adversely affect anesthesia
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and loose fitting (sleeves should easily roll up above the elbow)
  • Please refrain from wearing flip-flops or high-heel shoes
  • Remove any contact lenses, fingernail polish or heavy eye makeup
  • During your scheduled surgery, we ask that you have someone to remain here at our clinic with their (or your) vehicle, and for them to be able to accompany you home after the surgery.
  • Don't operate any motor vehicle for the next 24 hours post surgery
All our medical professionals are certified by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Call 870-931-3000 to schedule an appointment.
We are the only accredited oral and maxillofacial ambulatory surgery center in the entire Northeast Arkansas region!
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